I cannot say enough good things about this photography duo!

I was lucky enough to find them on Instagram. We wanted an authentic feel to our photos and we wanted a classic, vintage feel to them as the venue was an ancient monastery and their whole page fit that vibe. We reached out and from day one we were so impressed. Apart from being passionate artists (and they are truly masters of their art), they are just such lovely people who make you feel like friends. [...]

Every detail was captured with such care. Portraits, detail shots, candid shots, hilarious moments and moments we forgot. There are several shots where no one remembers a camera being there. They delivered exactly what we asked for: real photos of real people. [...]

Arianna e Donatello Wedding photographers in Lucca, Tuscany


destination wedding in lucca


Amazing beautiful people, we are very lucky that we had them take our photos for our elopement in Italy. They were both very nice and kind and were especially so patient and friendly with our 2 year old son. [...] Nothing felt staged or fake it was just all beautiful and natural. You won’t regret having Arianna and Donatello take your wedding photos you will be so happy and I can’t recommend them highly enough. We thank you both so much.


Arianna e Donatello sono due artisti, due anime rare. [...] Sono entrati silenziosamente e con estrema gentilezza nelle nostra storia d'amore e ne hanno fatto un racconto autentico, con scatti che sono vere e proprio opere d'arte capaci di trasmettere le emozioni, le sensazioni profonde vissute quel giorno.

Inoltre sono stati per noi elementi fondamentali in quella giornata, per qualsiasi necessità, bisogno, bastava girarsi e loro erano li pronti, sorridenti, e disponibili. [...]

Avere Arianna e Donatello a raccontare la vostra storia d'amore, significa avere due artisti, due anime gentili, capaci di accompagnarvi nel vostro grande giorno, silenziosamente, cogliendo l'essenza del vostro amore.

cecilia g.

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Arianna and Donatello are not just photographers; they are true artists. Their ability to capture the essence of our special day was nothing short of magical. They have a unique eye for detail, and their photographs tell a story that goes beyond mere images. They managed to capture all the emotions, laughter, and love that filled our day.

destination wedding in tuscany