how do we book you?




is it possible to add extra services at a later time?

yes, when booking you will only be asked to choose a basic package, add-ons can be added at any time, in the case of additional hours even on the wedding day.


the editing process is integral to a photographer's individual artistic expression and creativity. so, no, we don’t give those out. if a photographer's editing style doesn't resonate with you, it's advisable to seek out someone whose style aligns better with your preferences. you deserve to have your vision fulfilled.


can we order a photo album or prints from you?

yes, please. we've arranged it so that all your photos are uploaded to your very own personalized online gallery. from this gallery, you can easily view your photos, download the images, share them with family and friends, and even order prints, and a selection of other products.

how do we get our photos?


we'll upload all your photos to your personal online gallery, where you can download both high-res and web-res (perfect for social media) files. you'll also be able to share the photos with family and friends for viewing and downloading.