Our aim is to document your day as it presents itself, in the most relaxed and natural way possible. We want to capture sincere emotions and moments, without them being built on photographers' requests. To do this we will be looking for the right moment to shoot, without invading the situation and without guiding you into unnatural poses or attitudes.

Each wedding is unique and different but all have something in common: tension, joy, apprehension, fun and emotion. While all this is happening, the advantage of having two photographers is that they will be able to focus their attention not only on you but also on all those little details, looks, gestures of affection that you may not notice being focused on enjoying your best day ever!

We want our images to be timeless for you, capable of maintaining their emotionality and intimacy over the years. We want them to immerse you in the exciting atmosphere of the day. For us it is important to create a pleasant memory of the day you promised each other for life, rather than the day you posed for a photo shoot.


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