Donatello e Arianna reckless wedding

Hi! We are Arianna and Donatello.

We are a couple at work and also in life.
Our story begins one winter evening, in 2013, when both bored at a party we found ourselves talking about how much our favorite kind of music was something else. Shortly thereafter we realized that the things we had in common were many, including the mountains, Lucca, Netflix, pizza and photography above all. Our relationship is firmly held together by a strong friendship and complicity, we are inseparable and we love to do everything together. We then understood that wedding photography would be our thing because it combines our love of photography with our desire to work together doing what we love.


My father is a painter, in my house there have never been empty walls. I have always felt the need to express my creativity, first with the guitar, now with the camera. I love to build, to put things together to create. Photographing is a constant challenge with myself and the thing that perhaps I appreciate the most is that it pushes me to seek beauty everywhere.


Since the early years of high school I have found in photography a way to express my emotionality and empathy that would otherwise be silenced by my introverted character. I'm often attracted by small things, I like to capture the mood of a scene through details, which often go into the background or totally unnoticed.

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