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Our connection as a couple is at the heart of our business

In 2015 we both worked in photography and videography, but separately in the music and fashion industries.

We started our career in the wedding industry working for other photographers, but we felt disconnected from the traditional and static style that prevailed. Reflecting on our own wedding aspirations, we realized the significance of spontaneity, authenticity, and serenity.

In 2017, we embarked on a journey to create our own unique approach, drawing from personal experiences that allowed us to grow consciously. Despite initial challenges and skepticism due to our young age, the trust and satisfaction of our clients have fueled our professional and personal growth.

Our connection as a couple is at the heart of our business. With a single glance, we communicate effortlessly, creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere for the couples we photograph. Our aim is to capture authenticity, spontaneity, and emotionality in every shot, going beyond capturing just the highlights and focus on exploring all the elements that define our artistic vision: the play of light, intricate details, genuine expressions, and meaningful gestures that make each wedding truly unique.

Working seamlessly as partners and best friends, we maintain a calm demeanor, offering support and effective communication. This creates a positive working environment where collaboration thrives, devoid of competition or egocentricity.

What is significant for us is that we have found that most of our clients share our values, energy, and vision.

We aim to provide couples with an authentic narrative that immerses them in the emotions and significance of their special day through our photographs and also be a supportive presence.

Our service is further enhanced by our expertise as professional photographers, offering a diverse range of perspectives, superior light choices, and compositions. With six years of experience working together, we are well-equipped to capture every precious moment of your wedding.

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Hey hello, I'm Annie!

and I'm Donatello!

I define myself as an earth person, I love nature and I feel deeply connected to it.

From a young age, I nurtured my passion for photography, initially my focus was on portraits and I worked for a while in the fashion industry.

I'm a creative, introspective, determined person, always seeking new ways to express myself. My hobbies range from working with clay to videogames, from journaling to TV series.

I am a curious, creative, and calm individual, always in search of new experiences and passionate about various forms of art.

My curiosity drives me to cyclically explore a variety of interests, ranging from music to drawing and painting.

My journey into visual content started as a videomaker, creating music videos for bands. Then I started my journey into photography exploring various genres, such as street photography, and reportage.



I traveled and performed with my band in an European tour

I'm a freestyle fpv drone pilot

Everybody tell me that I am a reassuring and calming presence

I have a barn owl named Dory

Mulan is my favourite Disney classic

I have a 30cm tall lego R2D2. Star Wars fan here!



I'm a vegetarian

Highly sensitive person

Great at solving puzzles

Pop punk at heart

My furry child name is Koda, a 5 years old Shiba inu